American Society of Clinical OncologyBreast Cancer Prevention: Time for Change

In this comprehensive Journal of Clinical Oncology clinical review, the authors suggest that reexamination of breast cancer risk reduction strategies and clinical practice is needed. Prediction models, breast cancer mortality, prognostic categories, and the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) randomized trials, dietary modification (DM) trial, hormone therapy trials, estrogen, and estrogen plus progestin trials are all […]

American Medical AssociationSurvival After Breast Conservation vs Mastectomy Adjusted for Comorbidity and Socioeconomic Status

In this JAMA Surgery Original Investigation, the researchers fielded a Swedish cohort study of 48,986 women to discover whether breast conservation offers a survival benefit compared with mastectomy when results are adjusted for main confounders such as comorbidity and socioeconomic status. The main outcomes and measures were overall survival (OS) and breast cancer–specific survival (BCSS).