The BMJCOVID-19 Vaccination: Evidence of Waning Immunity is Overstated

Evidence is mounting that much of the concern about waning immunity to COVID-19 is overstated and that vaccines provide high levels of protection against the respiratory disease and its variants over the long-term. Immunologically, plasmablast and B-cell response after mRNA vaccination is long-lived and memory B cells increase over at least six months. And in […]

Wyanoke GroupConflicting Guidelines Highlight Controversies in Osteoporosis Management

When preparing to treat a patient for osteoporosis, it might be wise to compare leading guidelines because guidelines from two key organizations often don’t agree. The ACP and the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) have come up with guidelines that differ in terms of what therapies, how long to treat, how long between scans, and more. […]

Everyday HealthMMWR COVID Data — Strong Benefit of Vaccinating Previously Infected

Is the debate over? The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) discusses this case-control study, which showed that people are twice as likely to get infected again if they are unvaccinated. The debate over vaccinations has been bitter so far, but the results present comforting news for those vaccinated but worried about the fast-spreading Delta […]

Everyday Health“You’re Fired”: Two Words This Doctor Never Expected to Hear

In this article/podcast from, a nephrologist discusses being terminated after 15 years at the same institution as a physician in a private practice multi-specialty clinic. Despite getting employees to focus on accountability and rally behind organizational goals – not to mention the ongoing challenges of dealing with COVID-19 – the physician was fired. Was […]

Everyday HealthThe Burden of the Badge: An MD Student’s Response to the FIGS Controversy

In this podcast/article from, the author questions how FIGS – a design-driven medical apparel company – let a flagrantly offensive advertisement against DOs get published, in addition to other criticism: “We should also ponder how – despite 150 years of DO education within the US – we’ve failed to correct the systemic discrimination against […]

The New England Journal of MedicineDying in a Leadership Vacuum

In this editorial from The New England Journal of Medicine, the authors criticize the country’s leadership on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting several pieces of evidence to reinforce their claims. From politicizing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to undercutting trust in science and government, the leaders of our nation are “causing damage […]

Everyday HealthOp-Ed: Why Anti-Psychiatry Now Fails and Harms

In this opinion piece from MedPage Today, the authors state “anti-psychiatry” was “formerly a healthy corrective, but the movement now distracts from real problems and actively hurts people, existing as a disorganized entity outside of mainstream medicine, largely propagated on social media and in non-peer-reviewed sources…that evade scientific dialogue and critique.”