M3New Use for an Old Drug

This drug was first approved in the US in the 1970s for anesthesia and pain relief, and last year, the FDA approved it for patients with major depression that are treatment resistant. If you said ketamine, you’re correct, and because more than 30% of patients are resistant to SSRIs, finding an effective treatment for major […]

M3The Drug Interaction Threat All Doctors Must Know About

COVID-19 has led to severe mental repercussions, which is made worse when considering what types of challenges people were having before the pandemic even hit. Considering this, it’s a good time to review the drug-drug interactions (DDIs) psychotropic drugs can have with each other, not to mention other drugs for the most common conditions. Here […]

M3The Common Drug That Reduces Cancer Risk (and No, It’s Not Aspirin)

Although initial animal studies indicated this drug might increase the risk of cancer, current research is showing the opposite. In a large systematic review and meta-analysis, for example, researchers showed that patients who took these drugs before their cancer diagnosis had a 21% lower risk of all-cause mortality and a 31% lower risk of cancer-specific […]