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Articles related to FOOD & DIET

British Medical Journal

Artificial Sweeteners and Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: Results from the Prospective NutriNet-Santé Cohort

Cardiology September 13th 2022

British Medical Journal

Association of Ultra-Processed Food Consumption with Colorectal Cancer Risk Among Men and Women: Results from Three Prospective US Cohort Studies

Oncology, Medical September 12th 2022


Diet Can Influence Mood, Behavior and More – A Neuroscientist Explains

Neurology September 12th 2022


Two Surprising Reasons Behind the Obesity Epidemic: Too Much Salt, Not Enough Water

Cardiology September 6th 2022


You’re Probably Taking Your Pills Wrong, New Study Finds

Clinical Pharmacology August 23rd 2022


Treating Anosmia, a Common Post-COVID-19 Symptom

Family Medicine/General Practice August 22nd 2022