Healthgrades8 Ways COVID-19 Will Change the Future of Healthcare

Vaccinations are up and COVID-19 cases continue to decline, but healthcare will forever be changed by the pandemic. The telehealth revolution is upon us, and health disparities are finally being addressed. Doctors and patients are working together to define what constitutes “necessary” healthcare. Discover what else the future holds for healthcare in a post-pandemic world.

Healthgrades9 Ways to Stay in Medicine Past Retirement

Your identity as a physician is tough to get away from when you step away from the profession. Still, retirement is a unique opportunity that can take you in a completely different direction or provide new opportunities in medicine. From part-time locum tenens work to medical editing or writing, here are some ideas if you’re […]

HealthgradesOldest and Youngest Doctors by Specialty

Which specialties will be most affected by changing age demographics among doctors? That’s the question the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) asks in their latest survey of “Active Physicians by Age and Specialty”, which tallied up the results of 935,000 practicing physicians in the US. Where does your specialty fall on the list?

Johns Hopkins MedicineCOVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: 12 Things You Need to Know

Despite many doing their research and learning all they can about the COVID-19 vaccine, patients may still come to you for more help. To assist your patients with their questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, here are 12 facts and insights shared by Sherita Golden, MD, MHS, chief diversity officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine, who specializes […]

Healthgrades7 Things Poker Can Teach You About Being a Doctor

Poker is a game of chance and strategy that demands many skills, whether it’s reading a situation, making the appropriate bet, dealing with difficult decisions, or dealing with uncertainty. All of these situations mirror the daily decisions doctors are required to make, and whether you’re a novice at the table or a regular player, here […]