Everyday HealthBiden Announces New Actions to Fight COVID

The recent Delta variant explosion prompted President Biden to direct the Secretary of Education to do whatever it takes against governors who are trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators from instituting mask mandates for children. Also, he instituted mandatory vaccines for nursing home workers and announced booster shots will be available […]

American Academy of PediatricsAAP Urges In-Person Learning, Masking in Updated Guidance on Safe Schools

According to the interim guidance, “remote-learning highlighted inequities in education, was detrimental to the educational attainment of students of all ages, and exacerbated the mental health crisis among children and adolescents.” The AAP continues to recommend that all staff and students who are 2 years or older wear face masks unless medical or developmental conditions […]

American Medical CommunicationsThe Best and Worst Face Masks, Ranked by Their Level of Protection

Science tells us that face masks can prevent coronavirus transmission and save lives; however, all masks are not created equal. The WHO and CDC both recommend fabric face masks for the general public, but what about neck scarves and other types? Here’s how scientists have ranked mask materials so far, from the most to least […]

American Association for the Advancement of ScienceLow-cost Measurement of Face Mask Efficacy for Filtering Expelled Droplets During Speech

In this research article, the authors demonstrate a simple optical measurement method to evaluate the efficacy of masks to reduce the transmission of respiratory droplets during regular speech. They tested 14 commonly available masks or masks alternatives, one patch of mask material, and a professionally fit-tested N95 mask.