M3Five Foods as Good as Medicine

The Healthy Eating Index (HEI) is a diagnostic indicator (0-100) of how well Americans conform to dietary advice, and the latest US numbers in 2015 were low: 59. Older Americans were better than young, but the fact remains we could all do better with the choices we’re making in our daily intake. Here are five […]

M310 Breakthrough Treatments That Will Change Medicine in 2021

At the 18th Annual 2020 Medical Innovation Summit, experts led by Will Morris, MD, executive medical director for Cleveland Clinic Innovations, and Akhil Saklecha, MD, managing director of Cleveland Clinic Ventures, recognized the top 10 medical advances for 2021. Drum roll, please! Do you agree with the choices?

The New England Journal of MedicineDying in a Leadership Vacuum

In this editorial from The New England Journal of Medicine, the authors criticize the country’s leadership on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting several pieces of evidence to reinforce their claims. From politicizing the Food and Drug Administration to undercutting trust in science and government, the leaders of our nation are “causing damage that […]

Everyday HealthMed School Applications Soaring

In this article from MedPage Today, sources claim the pandemic is a major reason for the spike, with some applicants finding a calling in medicine, while others are looking for something to fill idle time or combat uncertainty. No matter the reason, the potential for even stiffer competition is there as student slots remain largely […]