Everyday HealthA Neurologist Faces His Alzheimer’s Disease

MedPage Today presents this illuminating conversation with Daniel Gibbs, MD, PhD, a retired neurologist and author of the book, A Tattoo on my Brain: A Neurologist’s Personal Battle against Alzheimer’s Disease. In the question-and-answer session, Dr. Gibbs discusses his early diagnosis, his participation in clinical trials, and his experiences and unique perspectives as a neurologist […]

Everyday HealthJFK in Trauma Room One: A Witness Remembers

Fifty-seven years ago this month, President John F. Kennedy was in the emergency room of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Retired Iowa cardiologist Joe Goldstrich, MD, was the most junior person actively participating in the JFK resuscitation efforts. He spoke with MedPage Today about treating the President, nearly treating his assassin, and his one regret.

Everyday HealthOp-Ed: Why Anti-Psychiatry Now Fails and Harms

In this opinion piece from MedPage Today, the authors state “anti-psychiatry” was “formerly a healthy corrective, but the movement now distracts from real problems and actively hurts people, existing as a disorganized entity outside of mainstream medicine, largely propagated on social media and in non-peer-reviewed sources…that evade scientific dialogue and critique.”