Healthgrades6 Career Factors That Matter Most to Female Physicians

Would it surprise you to know that women make up the majority of total enrolled medical students? As the landscape shifts and the medical industry evolves toward a women’s professional goals and responsibilities, the Medscape Women Physicians Report 2020 surveyed 3,000 female doctors to pinpoint the core issues important to women doctors. Here’s what the […]

M3Are US Doctors Actually Happy?

The short answer? No. That’s the sentiment from the 12,000+ physicians across 29 specialists who took part in Medscape’s recently released Physician Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2021. Physician burnout and dissatisfaction are not new, but before the pandemic in last year’s survey, 82% of doctors reported they were largely happy outside of work. In 2021, […]

M3These Doctor Specialties are the Happiest

The year 2020 has been long and trying, and MDLinx conducted a COVID-19 survey of US physicians and found that nearly half of doctors are rethinking their careers. Still, it is important to consider that many physicians still find joy and fulfillment in practicing medicine. But who are the happiest? Here is what the Medscape […]