American Society of HematologyControlling CNS Relapse in Children with ALL Treated Without Cranial Irradiation

Publication: Blood Key Points: The authors identified the following four prognostic indicators that could help control CNS relapse in children with ALL. 1) Prephase dexamethasone treatment, 2) delayed intrathecal therapy, 3) use of total intravenous anesthesia during intrathecal therapy, and 4) flow cytometry examination of diagnostic CSF Design: 7,640 consecutive patients treated on Chinese Children’s […]

American Society of HematologyASH Annual Meeting: Does High-Dose Methotrexate Protect the CNS in High-Risk DLBCL?

The possible answer was presented during the 2020 ASH Annual Meeting, bringing into question whether current recommendations for prophylactic intravenous high-dose methotrexate — the most widely adopted method for CNS relapse prevention — are appropriate for all patients at high risk of a CNS relapse.