American Society of HematologyMarrow or Peripheral Blood for Allogeneic Transplant: Are We Ignoring the Data?

Despite peripheral blood making up 80% of all of hematopoietic cell transplants, there are similar rates of overall survival, disease-free survival, and transplant-related mortality when comparing marrow and peripheral blood as graft sources. Chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and cytokine release syndrome (CRS) are more significant in those who received peripheral blood, yet the standard of […]

American Society of Clinical OncologyPlaying with Dynamite? A Cautious Assessment of TNT

In this article from the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the authors suggest the need for caution and well-conducted trials to systematically address the question of total neoadjuvant therapy (TNT) in rectal cancer, which can lead to overtreatment and unnecessary toxicity without a proven benefit. Despite some of its theoretical advantages, declaring TNT a new standard […]