Everyday HealthBanned Stimulants Again Found in Supplements

According to a recent study published in Clinical Toxicology, the authors examined the makeup of 17 brands of OTC supplements in the US, purchased online, that were labeled to include banned and unapproved stimulants, including deterenol, a beta-agonist that has never been approved for use in the US and which the FDA banned from supplements […]

M35 Lesser-Known Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking

According to research, there are numerous lesser-known supplements made from naturally occurring ingredients that boast health benefits. With only 10% of the plants from the total of natural resources for medicine investigated for therapeutic potential, many are not aware that these natural products offer potential health benefits. Here are five worth considering for their evidence-based […]

Everyday HealthOmega-3s and CVD: Has the Story Ended or Only Just Begun?

Anthony C. Pearson, MD, is a noninvasive cardiologist and professor of medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Dubbed “The Skeptical Cardiologist”, Dr. Pearson finds that evidence is very…ahem…“fishy” when it comes to the therapeutic benefit of omega-3 fatty acids (OMFAs) and fish oil supplements. What do you tell your patients about them?