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Articles related to TRANSPLANTATION

The Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI)

Expansion, Persistence, and Efficacy of Donor Memory-like NK Cells Infused for Post-transplant Relapse

Oncology, Medical April 5th 2022

Blood Advances

Impact of Vitamin D Level at Diagnosis and Transplantation on the Prognosis of Hematological Malignancy

Oncology, Medical March 22nd 2022

Blood Advances

Reduced Intensity Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Accelerated-Phase Myelofibrosis

Hematology March 8th 2022

Everyday Health

Two Doses of mRNA COVID Vax Not Enough for the Immunosuppressed

Allergy & Immunology November 30th 2021

ASH Clinical News

Your Approach to Treating this Transplant-Ineligible Patient with Ph+ ALL?

Hematology October 12th 2021

Marrow or Peripheral Blood for Allogeneic Transplant: Are We Ignoring the Data?

Hematology September 7th 2021