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Cancer Care Business Exchange (CBEx)AI in Cancer Care: Separating Fact from Fiction

Don’t miss this session at the Clinical Pathways Congress (CPC) with the Cancer Care Business Exchange (CBEx) takes place from October 6-8.

The upcoming CPC and CBEx Annual Congress will feature a session titled “AI in Cancer Care: Separating Fact from Fiction,” led by Dr. Ira Klein, VP of Medical Affairs for Tempus Labs. The session aims to demystify the role of AI in cancer care, providing practical insights through real-life case scenarios.

Key Points:

  • The session will provide technical descriptions of AI and its components, with examples and applications in cancer care.
  • The panel will discuss natural language processing, healthcare interoperability, and data exchange.
  • Case studies will cover data science, algorithms, and clinical studies beyond typical applications.
  • The discussion will also touch on present and future AI products, data intake, regulatory policy issues, and practical issues like prior authorization and pre-certification.

Additional Points:

  • The session will delve into the difference between structured and unstructured AI, how generative AI is powered by foundation models, and the role of neural networks.
  • The panel will also discuss deep learning, a term referring to the many deep layers within the neural network.


  • The session aims to highlight the importance and relevance of AI in various aspects of cancer care, from patient care to data management and service requests.

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“And particularly, if you’re on the pharmaceutical industry side, you need to know about artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and how this is all fed with the big data engine.”

Dr. Ira Klein
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Tempus Labs
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