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Week of October 16, 2022

5 TED Talks Every Doctor Should Watch (MDLinx)
From psychedelics in psychotherapy, to the predictive value of sleep for longevity, to the role stigma plays in shaping medicine, these TED talks could change how you think about medicine.

What Residents are Making, and How Much Debt They’re Holding (MDLinx)
With an average salary of $64,000 and an average medical school debt of $200,000, medical residents are going to find more value in professional financial coaching than in $10,000 student loan relief.

Real Talk: The Emotional Impact of Disciplinary Action (MDLinx)
As a physician, your career often defines much of who you are. What do you do when you encounter a disciplinary action?

Week of September 25, 2022

Impostor Phenomenon Common Among Physicians, Study Finds (ACP Internist)
Physicians often experience impostor phenomenon (IP), or the persistent belief that success is undeserved rather than due to personal effort, skill, and ability, according to a recent study. As published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, a survey of more than 3,000 physicians (96% completion rate) reveals that more than half of doctors experience moderate to intense imposter phenomenon. More than a fifth experience IP in the upper range of the scale, with accompanying low job satisfaction and up to 100% higher risk of suicidal ideation.

Real Talk: Professional Jealousy Among Physicians (MDLinx)
The personality and training of physician may contribute to a tendency toward professional jealousy. It leads to decreased personal satisfaction, tension between colleagues, and a toxic work environment. It isn’t easy to combat, but there are practical approaches to overcoming professional envy.

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