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The Clinician’s Nutrition Roundup

A curation of links centered around diet, exercise, and the overall well-being of physicians and their patients.

Week of October 30, 2022

Tirzepatide Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity (NEJM)
In more than 2,500 adults with high BMI with or without weight-related complications, mean weight reduction of at least 15% was achieved during this 72-week study with tirzepatide, vs. 3% with placebo.

Snacking on Almonds Boosts Gut Health, Study Finds (MDLinx)
Replacing processed snacks with almonds increased levels of gut butyrate – the short-chain fatty acid that serves as the main energy source for colonic mucosa cells. This potentially improved the gut microbiome and reduces gut inflammation.

Does Rheumatoid Arthritis Get Its Start in the Gut? (MedPage Today)
Ongoing evidence from a long-running study shows that patients with some forms of RA have high levels of antibody to the important gut microbe Prevotella copri.

Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Mortality Risk in the UK Biobank (Annals of Internal Medicine)
Analysis of the UK Biobank shows a strong, concentration-dependent relationship between Vitamin D levels and all-cause mortality as well as cancer, CVD, and respiratory disease.

Week of October 2, 2022

Are Seed Oils Like Canola Safe and Healthy? (MDVIP)
Health and nutrition experts are really divided on the answer. Some recommend removing industrial seed oils from your diet, while other believe there’s not enough evidence to support this suggestion. But consider, these oils often are used to cook foods we should eat less of anyway – like fried and processed foods.

How Does What We Eat Affect Our Health Span and Longevity? It’s a Complex, Dynamic System (MDLinx)
A healthy diet must be considered based on the balance of ensembles of nutrients, rather than by optimizing a series of nutrients one at a time. Using multidimensional modeling techniques to test the effects of nutrient intake on physiological dysregulation in older adults, the researchers identified key patterns of specific nutrients associated with minimal biological aging.

Dairy Reportedly Bad for the Heart — But Don’t Lump Milk and Cheese Together (MedPage Today)
In a Norwegian study, higher intake of dairy products was associated with worse health outcomes for people with existing CVD. But the associations were varied by type of dairy. For acute MI, there was no clear linear relationship with total dairy or milk intake, but the risk was increased with butter exceeding 2 g/1,000 kcal of daily calories. Data on cheese were inconclusive.

Daily Multivitamin Improves Cognition in Older Adults, Says Large Study (MPR)
A 3-year trial involving more than 2,000 people with an average age of 73 found that daily multivitamins, but not cocoa extract, were associated with improved cognitive function.

Our Perception of Obesity Needs an Overhaul (MedPage Today)
From this clinician’s first-hand account, we can see that treating obesity like other chronic diseases will lead to better engagement, better information flow, and quite possibly, better weight loss. Changing how we think about the disease allows us to more effectively talk to and treat patients.

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