The BMJThe Curious Case of the Danish Mask Study

The British Medical Journal’s executive editor, Kamran Abbasi, pens a commentary about DANMASK-19, the first trial of mask use during COVID-19 and its controversial “negative” results. Abbasi claims that disagreement among experts, especially about interpretation of a study, is a common occurrence and “the usual business of science,” but the influence of social media has […]

Everyday HealthJFK in Trauma Room One: A Witness Remembers

Fifty-seven years ago this month, President John F. Kennedy was in the emergency room of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Retired Iowa cardiologist Joe Goldstrich, MD, was the most junior person actively participating in the JFK resuscitation efforts. He spoke with MedPage Today about treating the president, nearly treating his assassin, and his one regret.

Everyday HealthEddie Van Halen’s Head and Neck Cancer

In this Celebrity Diagnosis opinion piece from MedPage Today, the author discusses the legendary guitarist’s original throat cancer diagnosis, its possible causes – including Eddie’s own theory — and how it spread to other parts of his head and neck. The article also examines the risks, symptoms, and treatment options of head and neck cancers.