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Articles related to HIPAA/PRIVACY

The New England Journal of Medicine

Ethics and Highly Innovative Research on Brain Diseases

Neurology July 3rd 2024

Dermatology Advisor

American College of Physicians Issues Policy Position Paper on AI use in Health Care

All Specialties June 24th 2024


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Surgery

Oncology, Surgical May 28th 2024


Artificial Intelligence in Health, Health Care, and Biomedical Science: An AI Code of Conduct Principles and Commitments Discussion Draft

All Specialties April 22nd 2024

HIT Consultant

Whistleblower Calls for Action Against 22 Digital Health Providers After FTC Busts Monument Inc.

All Specialties April 22nd 2024

Oncology News Central (ONC)

Oncology Leader Calls for Antitrust Probe: “We’re Talking About People’s Lives”

Hematology/Oncology April 15th 2024

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