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Articles related to Neurology

Clinical Advisor

Clinical Challenge: Headache With Transient Drooling

Emergency Medicine May 24th 2023

The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences (JNCN)

Time for Brain Medicine

Delve into the fascinating world of an integrated approach to brain medicine that amalgamates neurology and psychiatry, ushering a new era in patient care. Our understanding of the brain is constantly expanding. This unprecedented knowledge blurs the boundaries between neurology and psychiatry. However, an issue arises: current clinical training maintains a dichotomy stemming from 19th-century practices. This divergence is creating a shift. Neurologists, traditionally untrained in psychiatric management, find themselves treating more psychiatric patients. Likewise, new neuroscience-based precision treatments and diagnostic biomarkers demand skills beyond the psychiatric training purview. This status quo poses a significant challenge to training future doctors. We need to focus on establishing competence in whole-brain aspects and fostering subspecialized expertise. Additionally, implementing feasible and practical programs is paramount. In response, this article proposes a novel 4-year residency program. The first two years concentrate on common and urgent neurology and psychiatry aspects, followed by two years of elective subspecialty tracks. This concept mirrors internal medicine residencies and fellowships, without necessitating changes to existing departmental structures. The article further introduces ‘brain medicine’ as a fitting term for this unified practice. The name emphasizes a holistic focus on all brain aspects. Conventionally, the division between neurology and psychiatry relates […]

Neurology May 23rd 2023

Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Pro-inflammatory Diet Linked to Relapses After 1st MS Attack: Study

Internal Medicine May 23rd 2023

JAMA Network

Identifying Patients for Intensive Blood Pressure (BP) Treatment Based on Cognitive Benefit

Cardiology May 23rd 2023

Epilepsy Currents

Be a PEACH and Hand Me That Levetiracetam: Seizure Prophylaxis for Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Internal Medicine May 23rd 2023

Practical Pain Management

FDA Expands Approval of Oral Agent for Migraine

Internal Medicine May 23rd 2023

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