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Articles related to Residency


“There’s a Real Risk There”: Cannabis Use Exacerbates Depression

Family Medicine/General Practice May 10th 2022


STDs Continue to Surge During Pandemic, CDC Says

Emergency Medicine April 19th 2022

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Elderly Man Presents With Bradycardia and Chronic Kidney Dysfunction

Cardiology March 1st 2022

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Risks of Mental Health Outcomes in People with COVID-19: Cohort Study

Allergy & Immunology March 1st 2022

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Clinical Challenge: Red Papules on Foot After Skiing

Allergy & Immunology February 23rd 2022

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The Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection in Persons with Naturally Acquired Immunity with and Without Subsequent Receipt of a Single Dose of BNT162b2 Vaccine

Allergy & Immunology February 23rd 2022