HealthgradesOldest and Youngest Doctors by Specialty

Which specialties will be most affected by changing age demographics among doctors? That’s the question the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) asks in their latest survey of “Active Physicians by Age and Specialty”, which tallied up the results of 935,000 practicing physicians in the US. Where does your specialty fall on the list?

American College of PhysiciansEffect of Bedside Compared with Outside the Room Patient Case Presentation on Patients’ Knowledge About Their Medical Care

Medical jargon and the complexity of medical information may cause misunderstandings and patient discomfort when bedside case presentations are taking place. To see if outside-the-room case presentations were more effective, the researchers examined the patients’ average knowledge of three dimensions of their medical care in both settings — understanding their disease, the therapeutic approach being […]

Healthgrades6 Things to Know About the COVID-19 Delta Variant

There are several reasons why the COVID-19 Delta variant – responsible for the COVID crisis in India – has public health experts and doctors concerned, including its transmissibility and disease severity. You likely already know the Delta “variant of concern” is more contagious than previous variants (denoted by the Greek alphabet), but here are five […]

Everyday HealthDoctors Beware: There’s a $400,000 Target on Your Back

In this article/podcast from, the author encourages readers to make some adjustments in their life to reduce the professional and personal risks associated with the stakeholders who target physicians, including corporate America, the government, patients, and the financial industry. The commentary is a response to President Biden’s multi-trillion spending plan, which targets rich corporations […]

HealthgradesAvoid These 7 Common Doctor Biases About Patients

Are you biased toward certain types of patients? “Sometimes” is likely your answer, but there are implicit biases that doctors may not be aware they have. To help answer this question, Medscape put together a survey to weigh these biases, with emotional problems coming in at No. 1. Whether they are implicit or explicit, here […]

M3Books that Should Be On Every Doctor’s Shelf

We touched on the “non-medical” books that should be on every doctor’s list in a previous newsletter; in this article, we’re directing you to the most important books on pandemics throughout history. As COVID-19 slows down in the US – but still rages on in other countries – it’s important to prepare yourself for what […]

Healthgrades6 Career Factors That Matter Most to Female Physicians

Would it surprise you to know that women make up the majority of total enrolled medical students? As the landscape shifts and the medical industry evolves toward a women’s professional goals and responsibilities, the Medscape Women Physicians Report 2020 surveyed 3,000 female doctors to pinpoint the core issues important to women doctors. Here’s what the […]