HealthgradesOldest and Youngest Doctors by Specialty

Which specialties will be most affected by changing age demographics among doctors? That’s the question the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) asks in their latest survey of “Active Physicians by Age and Specialty”, which tallied up the results of 935,000 practicing physicians in the US. Where does your specialty fall on the list?

M3Essential Tax Questions to Ask Your Accountant

The IRS was kind enough to move the traditional tax deadline from April 15 to Monday, May 17, granting a bit of a reprieve for getting your financial affairs in order. Many physicians choose to handle their taxes themselves despite a good CPA paying for him/herself in the deductions and tax-savings strategies that they find […]

M3Here’s Where Doctors Should Put Their Money

Are you “Team Stocks” when considering investing? Or are you “Team Real Estate”? A little bit of both? Despite stocks and real estate being the two pillars for investing, the nuances of each can be daunting. When considering what makes the most sense for your financial goals, here are some factors that could have implications […]

M3How Much Should Doctors Save at Every Life Stage to Retire?

Saving for retirement can be overwhelming with so many individual factors at play. You’ve worked hard your whole life, so why can’t you enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’re finished practicing? This article presents many things to consider when planning your financial future and details some benchmarks and metrics that will help you […]

M3New Use for an Old Drug

This drug was first approved in the US in the 1970s for anesthesia and pain relief, and last year, the FDA approved it for patients with major depression that are treatment resistant. If you said ketamine, you’re correct, and because more than 30% of patients are resistant to SSRIs, finding an effective treatment for major […]