Haymarket MediaLatest Cytogenetics of Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia

About 75% to 80% of children with pediatric AML have clonal, acquired, somatic cytogenetic abnormalities (CAs) detected. Hematology Advisor briefs the information originally appearing in Genes, which reviews the current knowledge on evaluating pediatric patients based on cytogenetics and molecular subtypes to help match patients to risk-adapted therapies.

HMP CommunicationsHereditary Angioedema is Often Misdiagnosed

Often undiagnosed due to its unspecific symptoms, hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a tricky condition that causes many patients unnecessary suffering with unnecessary surgeries and invasive diagnostic/therapeutic interventions. Read on to educate yourself on some of the alarming numbers on the orphan disease.   

HealthgradesOldest and Youngest Doctors by Specialty

Which specialties will be most affected by changing age demographics among doctors? That’s the question the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) asks in their latest survey of “Active Physicians by Age and Specialty”, which tallied up the results of 935,000 practicing physicians in the US. Where does your specialty fall on the list?

American Society of HematologyA Bleeding Diathesis in a 65-Year-Old Woman with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

After diagnosis during a partial mastectomy, this patient’s estimated blood loss was 58 mL, causing anemia and requiring a red blood cell transfusion along with ventriculoperitoneal drain placement. With a substantive bleeding history before the diagnosis, what would you do next with this patient? Work her up for von Willebrand disease? Do a complete blood […]