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Articles related to GENE THERAPY

OBR Oncology

Management of Lung Cancer Patients with Uncommon EGFR Mutations

Oncology, Medical March 6th 2023

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum

FDA Approves Adstiladrin, First Gene Therapy for Bladder Cancer

Clinical Pharmacology January 30th 2023


Four Groundbreaking Clinical Studies Worth Your Attention

Cardiology September 20th 2022

Endocrine Connections

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer: Genome-based Search for New Targeted Therapy Options

Oncology, Medical May 31st 2022

The Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI)

Targeting Mutations in Cancer

Oncology, Medical May 18th 2022

Northwestern Medicine

The protein FOXK2 — a little-known transcription factor previously studied in the context of metabolism — promotes survival of cancer stem cells in ovarian cancer

Obstetrics & Gynecology May 11th 2022

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