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Articles related to TRAUMA


PTSD Presents Differently in Docs, and Residents are Especially Vulnerable

Emergency Medicine April 16th 2024

GoodRx Health

9 Types of Medications That Can Make Falls More Likely in Older Adults

Geriatrics April 16th 2024

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Brain Scans of Former NFL Athletes Show a Repair Protein in Place Long After Initial Injury

Neurology February 6th 2024

Psychiatry Advisor

Yoga is Equivalent to CPT for Military Sexual Trauma PTSD Among Women Veterans

Psychiatry January 24th 2024


Pioneering Surgery: Neurosurgeons Redirect Nerves from Foot to Enable Thumb Movement in Patient’s Hand

Neurology January 17th 2024


From Fecal Matter Exposure to Vaginal Lacerations, Disney World Visitors Face Health Risks

All Specialties November 15th 2023

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