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Articles related to EXERCISE/WORKING OUT

Physical Exercise and Health, 6: Sedentary Time, Independent of Health-Related Physical Activity, as a Risk Factor for Dementia in Older Adults

Geriatrics February 21st 2024

Figure 1

Fasted vs. Postprandial Exercise for Diabetes: Ending the Debate

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism February 14th 2024

Medical News Today (MNT)

Do Cold Water Training, Cinnamon Supplements Aid Blood Sugar Control in Diabetes?

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism January 24th 2024

Psychiatry Advisor

Yoga is Equivalent to CPT for Military Sexual Trauma PTSD Among Women Veterans

Psychiatry January 24th 2024

Medical News Today (MNT)

How Much Should You Exercise for a Longer, Healthier Life? Study Offers Clues

All Specialties January 3rd 2024

Clinical Advisor

Irisin May Reduce Plaque and Tau Tangle in Alzheimer Disease Model

Neurology October 24th 2023

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