MedPage TodayQuestioning Aspirin’s Role After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Acute Coronary Syndrome

Most current guidelines recommend at least 12 months of dual anti-platelet therapy for ACS and post PCI. But is that the best approach in an aging population with inherent higher bleeding risk? Some are advocating very early cessation of aspirin as well as scaling down the P2Y12 inhibitor in the first few months post event.

American Medical AssociationAssociation of Breast Cancer Irradiation With Cardiac Toxic Effects

In this JAMA Oncology Narrative Review, the authors attempt to discover whether cardiovascular risks may be associated with the multimodal approach, including systemic therapies and breast radiotherapy (RT), in treating breast cancer patients. Although recent advancements in breast cancer treatment have led to a decrease in mortality rates, the prevalence of survivors with a potentially […]