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ACP InternistClosing the Gap on Osteoporosis

Internal medicine physicians play a crucial role in addressing osteoporosis challenges. Many at-risk patients are not screened or educated about fracture prevention, and a significant number of individuals with high fracture risk remain undiagnosed and untreated. Efforts should focus on recognizing fractures as diagnostic indicators, expanding screening, and implementing effective treatments. The recent clinical guideline emphasizes bisphosphonates as first-line therapy, denosumab as second-line, and injectable medications for high-risk cases. Primary care physicians should take an active role in screening, diagnosing, and treating osteoporosis to prevent future fractures, even without immediate subspecialist care. Risk assessment tools, healthy lifestyles, and consideration of benefits, harms, patient values, and costs in medication selection are important. Empowering primary care doctors is vital in bridging the treatment gap and preventing fractures.

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