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Myeloma Research NewsElranatamab, Now Elrexfio, Approved for Hard-to-treat Myeloma

FDA Gives Conditional Nod to Elrexfio for Refractory Multiple Myeloma

In a significant development for adult patients with difficult-to-treat multiple myeloma, the US FDA has conditionally approved Pfizer’s antibody therapy, Elrexfio. This new treatment could potentially redefine the standard of care in the multiple myeloma space.

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The conditional approval of Elrexfio brings a ray of hope for patients who have exhausted other treatment options. Its dual-action mechanism and promising clinical trial results indicate that this therapy could be a game-changer in treating refractory multiple myeloma. The therapy’s convenient administration and patient support services further enhance its practical utility in the clinical setting. As always, physicians should be aware of the boxed warning and safety measures associated with this therapy.

Key Points:
  • FDA Approval: The FDA granted conditional approval to Elrexfio for adults who have had at least four prior lines of therapy, including a proteasome inhibitor, an immunomodulatory agent, and an anti-CD38 antibody.
  • Potential Impact: Angela Hwang, President of Global Biopharmaceuticals at Pfizer, stated that the therapy could potentially become the new standard of care for multiple myeloma.
  • Treatment Mechanism: Elrexfio works by bringing cancer-fighting T-cells and myeloma cells together through dual-target antibodies.
  • Clinical Results: According to Phase 2 MagnetisMM-3 clinical trial data, 61% of patients responded to the treatment, and 35% achieved a complete response or better.
  • Physician Commentary: Ajay Nooka, MD, emphasized that Elrexfio offers a much-needed new treatment option with an established safety profile and the convenience of subcutaneous administration.
Additional Points:
  • Insurance Support: Pfizer’s Oncology Together program offers help with insurance coverage and navigation services for prescribed patients.
  • Global Review: The therapy is also under regulatory review in the European Union, Japan, and five other countries.
  • Convenience: The therapy is delivered as a fixed-dose, under-the-skin injection and may reduce dosing frequency if clinical responses are favorable.
  • Safety Concerns: The treatment comes with a boxed warning about the risk of certain serious immune responses and is available only through a restricted access program.
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“With the approval of Elrexfio, patients have a new off-the-shelf treatment option that can be delivered on an ongoing basis in community clinics, where the majority of patients with multiple myeloma receive their care.”
– Jenny Ahlstrom, Founder and CEO of HealthTree Foundation for Multiple Myeloma

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