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MDLinxFamily Physicians, Here’s What ChatGPT Thinks You Do All Day

A Physician’s Exploration of AI’s Understanding of Medical Practice

A family physician put ChatGPT to the test to understand how accurately the AI could describe a typical day in the medical profession. Although the AI was able to identify major components of a working day, it fell short in understanding the intricacies of health insurance billing codes and the realistic time constraints faced by physicians.

Key Points:

  • ChatGPT correctly identified tasks such as patient consultations, chronic disease management, vaccinations, and administrative tasks.
  • The AI’s understanding was lacking in areas like dealing with health insurance billing codes and the practicality of breaks during the day.
  • ChatGPT’s description of a physician’s day included an impractical number of breaks and lacked insight into the business side of medicine.
  • The AI listed 10 items as the “most challenging” part of a physician’s day, including time constraints, administrative burdens, and healthcare system challenges.

Additional Points:

  • ChatGPT’s knowledge was also lacking regarding billing codes for different visit types.
  • The AI’s understanding of the time spent with patients was generalized and didn’t capture the nuances of different types of visits or financial considerations.


  • Although ChatGPT demonstrated awareness of a family physician’s daily tasks, its knowledge was not comprehensive, particularly in understanding the complexities of insurance billing and medical ethics.

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“Missing from this list, in my opinion, is the need to balance medical ethics with patient requests.”

Kristen Fuller, MD
Medical Advisory Board Member
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