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HIT ConsultantFemTech: Nuvo Goes Public to Expand Remote Pregnancy Monitoring

Nuvo Group D.G. Ltd. (NASDAQ: NUVO) and LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I Finalize Business Combination, Enabling Enhanced Remote Pregnancy Care

Nuvo Group D.G. Ltd. (NASDAQ: NUVO) has merged with LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I, a move that will provide the capital needed to expand the INVU™ remote pregnancy monitoring platform. The INVU™ platform is designed to improve prenatal care accessibility and quality through FDA-cleared, physician-prescribed remote fetal non-stress tests, offering practical implications for enhancing clinical practice.

Key Points:

  • Business Combination Completion: Nuvo Group and LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I complete their merger, facilitating Nuvo’s access to capital markets.
  • Ticker Symbol: Nuvo will trade under “NUVO” on NASDAQ starting May 2, 2024.
  • INVU™ Platform:
    • Physician-prescribed and FDA-cleared
    • Conducts remote fetal non-stress tests (NSTs)
    • Enhances accessibility and quality of prenatal care
    • Reduces the burden on healthcare staff
    • Provides real-time data for clinical decision-making
    • Utilizes a wearable band and mobile app for data collection
    • Streamlines data processing and transmission for clinicians
  • Market Expansion Plans:
    • Expanding commercial operations in the US and Israel
    • Plans for European market entry in 2024, pending CE mark approval
  • Development Pipeline: The capital infusion will accelerate the development of innovative products within Nuvo’s pipeline.

“Becoming a public company provides us with the resources to redefine pregnancy care and address health disparities by ensuring that all expectant mothers can receive timely and accurate care, regardless of their background or location.”
— Rice Powell, CEO of Nuvo

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