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MedTech DiveGE HealthCare Wins FDA Clearance for Wireless Hospital Vital Sign Monitor

One of the “first major introductions in monitoring in recent years,” according to GE HealthCare, is the Portrait Mobile monitoring technology.

In a significant advancement for patient care, GE HealthCare has secured FDA 510(k) clearance for Portrait Mobile, a new device that allows continuous monitoring of vital signs while enabling patients to move freely within the hospital. This innovative technology aims to enhance both patient comfort and medical oversight, marking a departure from traditional monitoring methods.

Key Points:

  • The device combines wireless sensors with a smartphone-style monitor, allowing patients to move while being monitored.
  • It’s pitched as a first-of-its-kind device that doesn’t reduce oversight despite untethering patients from their beds.
  • The sensors monitor respiration rate, blood oxygen, and pulse rate, with customizable alerts for specific thresholds.
  • This clearance follows the FDA’s approval of GE HealthCare’s Carescape Canvas patient monitoring platform four months ago.

Additional Points:

  • Traditional monitoring required patients to be confined to their beds or have vital signs checked manually every 4-6 hours.
  • Portrait Mobile aims to eliminate this tradeoff, potentially benefiting mental health and recovery.
  • GE HealthCare CEO Peter Arduini emphasized the investment in monitoring solutions for critical care and acute patients.


  • The FDA’s clearance of Portrait Mobile represents a significant step in patient care, offering a novel solution that combines continuous monitoring with patient mobility, potentially transforming hospital care practices.
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“Portrait Mobile enables care teams to monitor the unmonitored by shifting the paradigm from periodic spot checks to continuous monitoring, freeing the patient from the bed while continuously monitoring for signs of patient decline. These are our first major introductions in monitoring in recent years and create an opportunity for installed base upgrades as well as new growth.”
Peter Arduini, GE HealthCare CEO

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