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MDLinxPatient Awarded $6.19 Million After Hospital Prescribes 7 Meds that Led to Traumatic Brain Injury

Hospital’s Negligence Leads to Patient’s Traumatic Brain Injury

A medical malpractice case has ended in a significant victory for the patient, with a jury awarding $6.19 million in damages. The case highlights the critical importance of proper patient care and monitoring in healthcare facilities.

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This case serves as a stark reminder to healthcare professionals about the importance of patient safety rules and the potential consequences of negligence. It underscores the need for proper patient monitoring, especially when administering medications that could increase the risk of falls. Healthcare professionals can use this information to reinforce safety protocols and prevent similar incidents.

Key Points

  • Michael Johnson, the patient, was treated at Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, OH, in March 2018.
  • He was prescribed seven medications that increased his risk of falling.
  • Johnson fell and experienced a brain bleed, requiring surgery.
  • The fall resulted in permanent disability and substantial disfigurement.
  • The jury found Firelands negligent in its care and treatment of Johnson.
  • This case is the second-largest medical malpractice award in Erie County.

“I hope Michael Johnson’s case will cause an industry-standard shift in the medical industry. People deserve to feel safe, especially when they’re in an already-vulnerable state—such as hospitalized.”
Maria Zalessky, a lawyer at the Zalessky Law Group

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