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MDLinxRenowned Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo Found Guilty of Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct After Two Patients Suffer Catastrophic Outcomes

Is a Surgeon’s Willingness to Take Risks an Asset or a Liability?

The medical community and the public have long admired Dr. Charlie Teo, an internationally renowned Australian neurosurgeon, for his audacity to take on high-risk surgeries. However, a recent decision by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission has found him guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct, resulting from surgeries with risks that outweighed benefits, misleading patients, and inappropriate interactions. The findings have stirred debate on risk-taking and professional ethics within the medical field.

Key Points:

  • Dr. Teo is known for performing high-risk surgeries, and his international fame grew with multiple honors and media appearances.
  • An eight-day hearing in September 2022 examined allegations including misleading patients, not obtaining proper consent, charging inappropriate surgical fees, and speaking inappropriately to patients’ families.
  • Two patients who underwent radical resections never regained consciousness, leading to further scrutiny.
  • On July 12, 2023, Dr. Teo was found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct, with no questions on his surgical skills but rather his judgment.
  • Restrictions placed on Dr. Teo’s practice include obtaining approval from an independent neurosurgeon before performing specific surgeries and notifying changes in practice location.

Additional Points:

  • Controversy around Dr. Teo began in 2019 with questions about lack of evidence for benefit and high costs.
  • A Sydney Morning Herald article detailed negative interactions with families and massive charges for unsuccessful surgeries.
  • Prominent neurosurgeons and colleagues expressed both support and criticism during the hearings.
  • Dr. Teo has the right to appeal the decision.


  • The verdict on Dr. Teo has raised significant questions about the fine line between innovation and risk in surgical practices, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in patient treatment and doctor decision-making.

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Did You Know?
Dr. Charlie Teo was ranked as the “most trusted Australian” for three consecutive years between 2012 and 2014, an intriguing contrast to the recent controversy surrounding his professional conduct.

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