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ReachMDSchizophrenia: A Promising Treatment Era Dawns (CME)

TAAR1: What Is the Role of TAAR1 Agonism for the Treatment of Schizophrenia?

The landscape of schizophrenia treatment is undergoing a significant transformation. This CME program dives into the potential of TAAR1 agonism, marking a departure from traditional dopamine-centric therapies.

HCN Medical Memo
This CME program on schizophrenia treatment underscores the need for a paradigm shift in our approach. As healthcare professionals, it’s crucial to stay abreast of these advancements. The exploration of TAAR1 agonism and its potential in addressing the limitations of current antipsychotics could significantly enhance our treatment strategies. This knowledge not only broadens our understanding but also equips us to provide improved care for our patients with schizophrenia.

The program discusses the limitations of current antipsychotics and the promise held by therapies targeting TAAR1, muscarinic M1/M4, and serotonin 5-HT2A receptors.

Target Audience
Designed for psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants specializing in psychiatry, and other clinicians managing patients with schizophrenia.

Learning Objectives
Understanding the limitations of conventional treatments, outlining safety and efficacy profiles of dopamine-centric antipsychotics, describing advances in SCZ research, and differentiating between emerging TAAR1 agonists versus muscarinic and serotonergic-based therapies.

Accreditation & Credit Designation Statements
The activity is accredited by Global Learning Collaborative (GLC) and TotalCME, Inc., jointly accredited by ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC. Participants will receive 1.50 Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credits.

Approximately 20% to 33% of patients do not respond adequately to conventional schizophrenia therapies.

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