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The Epoch TimesSignificant COVID-19 Vaccine Study Censored by Medical Journal Within 24 Hours

Is the risk of death post-vaccination being accurately represented in the public narrative?

As more autopsies are being published on deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination, concerns over censorship of such studies and discussions on potential vaccine-related complications continue to rise.

Key Points:

  • A systematic review of 325 autopsies indicated COVID-19 vaccination caused or significantly contributed to 74% of the deaths.
  • This study was removed from The Lancet’s preprint SSRN server within 24 hours.
  • Cardiovascular system was the most affected organ system in vaccine-associated deaths, accounting for 53% of cases.

Additional Points:

  • The study was published on July 5, after sifting through 678 studies related to COVID-19 vaccination.
  • After using the inclusion criteria, 44 papers were chosen containing 325 autopsy cases and one necropsy case.
  • The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days, with most deaths occurring within a week of the last vaccine dose.


  • There is an increasing disconnect between the published studies suggesting a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and deaths, and the government’s narrative that death is not a consequence post-vaccination.

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“The striking cases were people who were perfectly healthy and had no other medical problems. The only new thing in their life was the vaccine, and they died with an obvious syndrome like a blood clot or heart damage—myocarditis.”

Dr. Peter McCullough
Pacticing Internist, Cardiologist, and Epidemiologist

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