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Modern OptometrySo You Want to Be an Aesthetic OD?

An explanation of how to incorporate ocular aesthetics into your optometry practice in phases.

As the field of optometry evolves, practitioners are exploring new avenues to enhance patient care. One such avenue is the incorporation of aesthetic technologies, a trend that is reshaping the landscape of optometric practices.

Key Points:

  • Optometrists are increasingly incorporating aesthetic technologies into their practices, as these technologies fall within their scope of practice and offer benefits for managing ocular diseases.
  • There is a link between depression and the severity of dry eye disease (DED) symptoms, signs, and inflammatory markers, indicating a need for patient self-care in optometric practices.
  • Health care that addresses self-care knowledge gaps improves patient outcomes.
  • Aesthetic optometry is defined as the art of prescribing to enhance the health, appearance, and performance of the ocular surface and adnexa.
  • The integration into an aesthetics optometry practice involves stages such as education and curiosity, active conversations and recommendations, carrying products in-office, adding an aesthetician, and adding a medical director.

Additional Points:

  • The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society has released a new global Workshop, “A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease,” which details cosmetics and their effect on the ocular surface.
  • Understanding patients’ makeup and skincare habits allows optometrists to provide advice on periocular health.
  • Several brands carry makeup and skincare products that can be used around the eye, which can be an easy add-on to any optometric clinic.
  • Aestheticians can perform a variety of treatments to rejuvenate and maintain the appearance and health of the skin, and can add usability to devices already owned by optometrists, particularly in dry eye.
  • Having a medical director on staff greatly expands an optometrist’s capability in the aesthetic space and allows for full use of dry eye equipment investments.


  • As optometrists expand their practices into the aesthetic space, it’s crucial to do so correctly, considering factors such as state laws, delegation tables, and the legitimacy of potential medical directors.

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“Aesthetic device and laser representatives are a whole new animal for the OD who is used to eye care pharma and device representatives. I’ve encountered companies who promise that anyone can use their laser. Not true! Don’t give in to strong-arm sales tactics, and always be sure to verify with your board and/or state laws that you have the scope to perform the procedure.”

Melanie J. Denton Dombrowski, OD, MBA, FAAO
Owner, Salisbury Eyecare and Eyewear and Visionary Esthetics Medical Spa
Salisbury, North Carolina
Host of “Eye School with Dr. D” on YouTube
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