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Since its inception in 1896, the goal of Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) has been to publish outstanding and enduring studies in medical biology. At a time when many leading publishing groups are establishing topic-specific journals, we believe it is critical to complement that approach by offering a distinguished venue for publication of studies that integrate disciplines within the field of pathogenesis.

A distinctive editorial system supports this goal with an emphasis on exceptional service to our authors. Two groups of editors work hand in hand: professional editors with strong scientific backgrounds and full-time practicing scientists. At least one editor from each group evaluates the merits of each paper prior to external review. The editors convene weekly to discuss all papers with external referee comments and reach rapid decisions without excessive requests for revision.

Within the field of medical biology, we focus both on human studies and diverse in vivo experimental models of human disease that address such topics as genetics, inflammation, immunity, infectious disease, cancer, vascular biology, metabolic disorders, neuroscience, and stem cell biology. We welcome reports ranging from atomic-level analyses to clinical interventions that illustrate new mechanisms.

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