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RadiopaediaThoracic Lymph Node Stations

A review of the seven zones/14 stations as defined by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC):

Supraclavicular zone

  • Station 1 (left/right): low cervical, supraclavicular, and sternal notch nodes

Upper zone (superior mediastinal nodes)

  • Station 2 (left/right): upper paratracheal nodes
  • Station 3A and 3P: pre-vascular and retrotracheal nodes
  • Station 4 (left/right): lower paratracheal nodes

Aortopulmonary zone

  • Station 5: subaortic nodes (aortopulmonary window)
  • Station 6: para-aortic nodes, ascending aorta or phrenic

Subcarinal zone

  • Station 7: subcarinal nodes

Lower zone (inferior mediastinal nodes)

  • Station 8 (left/right): para-esophageal nodes (below carina)
  • Station 9 (left/right): pulmonary ligament nodes

Hilar and interlobar zone (pulmonary nodes)

  • Station 10 (left/right): hilar nodes
  • Station 11: interlobar nodes

Peripheral zone (pulmonary nodes)

  • Station 12: lobar nodes
  • Station 13: segmental nodes
  • Station 14: subsegmental nodes
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