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ScientiaCMECME: The Difficulty with (C.) Difficile: Guideline Updates and Optimal Identification and Treatment Strategies

Dive into this CME program to grasp the latest C. difficile guidelines and implement treatment strategies effectively.

This interactive CME program focuses on Clostridioides difficile, or C. difficile. As you know, this bacterium causes severe GI disturbances. Alarmingly, it impacts half a million Americans annually and burdens the healthcare system.

Who is this for? Infectious disease physicians, gastroenterologists, hospitalists, intensivists, and all HCPs managing patients with C. difficile infection (CDI) will benefit greatly.

Initially, the program offers a comprehensive review of CDI. It presents the epidemiology and pinpoints key risk factors. Moreover, it explains the underlying pathophysiology and outlines clinical features. Significantly, it emphasizes the disease’s burden and unveils diagnostic tools, including NAAT, GDH assay, and toxin tests.

Following this, the program shifts to treatment strategies for CDI. It details procedures for various severity levels – mild, severe, fulminant, and recurrent. Concurrently, it underlines the common challenges in therapy decision-making. Importantly, it stresses the necessity of adhering to CDI guidelines and presents preventative measures.

In the concluding section, participants receive practical patient cases. This allows the application of newfound knowledge directly. Afterward, it wraps up with a summary and a best practice recap.

Upon completion, participants will grasp the burden of CDI and recall optimal diagnostic tests. Additionally, they’ll identify present and emerging therapies, and formulate effective CDI treatment plans. With this knowledge, you’ll enhance your ability to adhere to C. difficile guidelines and administer treatment strategies, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

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