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ASH Clinical NewsCognitive Decline Observed Six Months After Chemotherapy in Patients With Lymphoma

Publication: ASH Clinical News
Original Source: Journal of the National Care Institute
Design: Assessment of longitudinal changes in memory, attention, and executive function in men and women with lymphoma (n=248; 62.5% male) prior to and six months after initiation of chemotherapy. A group of age- and sex-matched people without cancer was used as a control arm (n=212; 59% male).
Results: At baseline, patients with lymphoma self-reported significantly more issues on the FACT-Cog scale (perceived cognitive impairment [PCI] and total scores) compared with sex-matched controls (p<0.05). In addition, patients with lymphoma reported significantly more attentional difficulty (p=0.01) and significantly greater PCI (p<0.03).

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