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MDLinxEating More Mushrooms Could Prevent Gastric Cancer, Says Researchers

According to a new review, eating mushrooms may lower your risk of developing stomach cancer, and the benefits may be due to the fungi’s useful characteristics. To determine the connection between mushroom consumption and gastric cancer risk, the review examined the findings of a meta-analysis of previously published studies and the Stomach Cancer Pooling (StoP) Project. It was discovered that “higher mushroom consumption was associated with a lower risk of gastric cancer.” Eleven studies totaling 3,900 cases of stomach cancer and 7,792 control cases made up the StoP Project. Through questionnaires about food consumption, the mushrooms of study participants were assessed. Participants who consumed the most mushrooms compared to those who ate the fewest mushrooms had a relative risk (RR) of gastric cancer of 0.82. The researchers present a plausable analysis, but more research is needed to confirm if eating mushrooms truly reduces gastric cancer risks and, if so, why.

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