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Review of Optometric BusinessHow We Spurred 5% Growth Over Last Year in Diabetes Services

Here is how one OD grew their diabetic patient base with key actions and investments – she shares her roadmap for growth.

The ongoing rise in diabetes prevalence presents an imperative for eyecare practices to scale their services effectively. One practice offers an in-depth perspective on how to diversify and increase revenue streams while ensuring superior care for diabetic patients, who comprise about 7.5% of their client base.

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The expansion of comprehensive eyecare services for diabetic patients is not just a potential revenue source but a critical aspect of holistic diabetes management. The use of advanced technology for diagnostic tests, the establishment of prompt communication channels with primary care providers, and comprehensive patient education can significantly improve patient outcomes while ensuring the practice’s profitability.

Key Points
  • The practice has about 400 diabetic patients, a third of whom have diabetic retinopathy.
  • These patients undergo a RETeval ERG and either an OCT or fundus photos, generating $175-$200 in revenue twice a year for each patient with diabetic retinopathy.
  • The practice has seen a 5% growth in the diabetes care portion this year due to new testing protocols and increased supplement sales.
  • Prompt communication with primary care providers has been crucial for getting referrals.

Diabetes now affects 37.3 million Americans, creating an increasing demand for specialized eyecare services.

Additional Points
  • Initial investment in key instrumentation like Optos and OCT ranged from $30,000 to $70,000.
  • The practice uses RETeval ERG as an objective measure for diabetic retinopathy progression risk.
  • The practice employs billing codes that allow adequate time for consultation and education about the impact of diabetes on eye health.
  • Technological tools like optomap help in patient education and compliance.

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