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Cancer Therapy AdvisorIn Search of Real-world Data on RCC

A Deep Dive into the Inclusivity of Clinical Trials and Patient Education in RCC

The article from Cancer Therapy Advisor stresses the pressing need for real-world data on renal cell carcinoma (RCC). It highlights the ongoing efforts to make clinical trials more inclusive and to better understand patient experiences across different countries.

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For healthcare professionals, this article underscores the importance of broadening the criteria for clinical trials to better represent real-world patient populations. This could lead to more useful data and improved patient care. It also highlights the need for comprehensive patient education in community-based care of RCC.

Key Points

  • A significant proportion of RCC studies utilize overly restrictive eligibility criteria.
  • The most common exclusion criteria include a history of HIV infection or AIDS, known acute chronic hepatitis B or C infection, symptomatic brain metastasis or a history of it, and concurrent malignancies.
  • The International Kidney Cancer Coalition conducted its third biennial Global Patient Survey on the diagnosis, treatment, and overall disease burden of RCC.
  • The outcomes of patients with brain metastases of RCC are not well known because these patients are typically excluded from clinical trials.

Renal cell carcinoma accounts for approximately 90% of all kidney cancers.

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