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Cancer Therapy AdvisorMask Mandates Have Kept One Cancer Center Free From COVID-19. Others Have Lifted Masking Requirements Despite Patient Concerns

Hospitals Reevaluate Masking Policies Amid Concerns for Vulnerable Patients

Amid diverging masking policies in US hospitals, the experiences and strategies of City of Hope in California contrast sharply with those of other institutions. The hospital has maintained its mask mandates, thereby preventing any COVID-19 transmission within its facility, according to Dr. Vijay Trisal, Chief Medical Officer. Meanwhile, places like Mass General Brigham and Seattle Children’s Hospital have relaxed masking requirements, stirring up fears and apprehensions among patients and caregivers.

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The diverging mask policies among healthcare institutions pose a significant challenge. City of Hope’s experience points to the importance of consistent preventive measures, particularly in settings where vulnerable patients are treated. With varying data reliability and fluid circumstances, a cautious approach remains critical in safeguarding both patients and healthcare providers from COVID-19. Physicians must continue advocating for policies grounded in the best available evidence to protect the health of all parties involved.

Key Points:
  • City of Hope in Duarte, California, has continued to enforce mask mandates, avoiding hospital-acquired COVID-19 cases.
  • Other Health Systems: Mass General Brigham in Boston and Seattle Children’s Hospital have eased or lifted mask mandates, despite patient and caregiver concerns.
    • Caregivers at these hospitals express fears for their vulnerable loved ones; Christine Mitchell, whose father is a cancer patient, criticized Mass General Brigham’s policy that does not mandate healthcare providers to wear masks unless deemed “clinically necessary.”
Additional Points:
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center: Their current policy is similar to City of Hope’s but plans to lift some requirements soon. Masks will only be required in clinical areas.
  • CDC Limitations: CDC stopped tracking COVID-19 cases after the public health emergency was lifted, making current data sketchy and unreliable for policy-making.
  • Mask Effectiveness: Scientific consensus on the effectiveness of masks in preventing COVID-19 transmission remains inconclusive.
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“I would say less than half a percent of people have asked us why they have to still mask at the hospital. Sometimes, they ask because other health care facilities they attend no longer require masking, but we have a uniquely vulnerable patient population. We look after severely immunocompromised patients.”
– Vijay Trisal, MD, Chief Medical Officer at City of Hope

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