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The Epoch TimesNew York Grand Jury Releases Scathing Report Against Child Protection Services Agency

Systemic Failures in Child Protection Services: A Critical Review Following Tragic Outcomes

The recent New York grand jury report uncovers severe lapses within child protection agencies, paralleled by findings in similar investigations concerning child welfare cases. This comprehensive analysis follows the tragic deaths of children under their father’s custody—cases where prior abuse allegations were significantly overlooked by the system. The report not only questions the integrity of the current child protection protocols but also calls for immediate reform to ensure the safety and justice for vulnerable children.

Key Points:

  • The New York grand jury investigation was prompted by the murder of 8-year-old Tommy Valva, revealing systemic abuses and failures by child protection agencies similar to those found in the Harmony Montgomery case.
  • Both children were placed in the custody of their fathers by family courts despite documented concerns over the fathers’ violent histories and unstable living situations.
  • Child Protection Services (CPS) repeatedly dismissed abuse allegations as unfounded without substantial evidence, leading to tragic outcomes.
  • The grand jury criticized the lack of independent oversight and checks within the CPS, allowing flawed and biased decisions to persist unchecked.
  • Immunity clauses for CPS workers and judges were identified as barriers to accountability, shielding individuals from repercussions despite evidence of negligence or misconduct.
  • The report emphasized the urgent need for legislative changes to abolish immunity for government officials to enhance accountability and protect children effectively.
  • Suffolk County Child Protective Services, along with other state agencies, failed to respond to numerous allegations and evidential submissions that suggested severe neglect and abuse.
  • Advocacy efforts by the Institute for Justice and other entities are pushing for substantial reforms in child protection practices, advocating for the transition of child abuse cases to criminal courts to ensure thorough investigations and due process.

“I kept thinking about all the institutions who failed to help him, who completely did absolutely nothing … now everybody’s trying to do the right thing … but where were you when I begged you for help when you could have saved my child’s life.”
— Ms. Zubko-Valva, expressing her frustration and grief over the institutions’ failure to prevent her son’s murder

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