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To be recognized as the ‘paper of record,’ the world’s most trusted and admired media company, and the organization that will restore, by its example, the best practices and highest principles of journalism.


The Epoch Times Association is dedicated to seeking the truth through insightful and independent journalism, standing outside of political interests and the pursuit of profit, in order to serve the public benefit and be truly responsible to society. We inform readers about current, important topics; broaden and uplift minds; and promote rational and balanced debate, as is critical to fostering a healthy republic and a compassionate society. We investigate issues overlooked or avoided by other media outlets, focus on what is good in society rather than on what divides people, and report respectfully, compassionately, and vigorously. Our mission is inspired by our founders’ personal experiences in communist China and their efforts to bring honest, uncensored news despite oppression and violence.

Our Values


Adhering to the standards of factual accuracy and impartiality, thus delivering on a commitment to transparency and fair, objective communication.



Empathizing with others; refraining from retaliation or personal attacks; engaging in respectful discourse about constructive solutions to common problems faced by those of varied–sometimes opposing–viewpoints.



Supporting and enlightening our readers, taking their well-being and human dignity into account, by writing for them–about the things that matter most to them.



Acting in accord with the ethical ideals we proclaim; refusing to compromise on matters of truth, accuracy, impartiality or justice.


Social Responsibility

Promoting content that showcases the best of the human experience, the pinnacles of human cultural achievement, and the well-being and flourishing of our readers.

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