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Neurology Learning NetworkNo Strict Rest After Concussion and Other New Guidelines Released

New Guidelines Advocate Light Physical Activity and Screen Limitation for Concussion Recovery

In a significant update to concussion management, the Concussion in Sport Group has released new guidelines advocating for light-intensity physical activities like walking, while advising against strict rest post-concussion. Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the guidelines also emphasize limiting screen use within the first 48 hours after the injury. These recommendations were part of a broader consensus statement released following the organization’s 6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport.

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These new guidelines offer a comprehensive approach to concussion management that goes beyond the traditional advice of strict rest. The introduction of new assessment tools and sport-specific prevention strategies provides a more nuanced approach to treating and preventing recurrent concussions. It’s crucial to stay updated with these guidelines to offer the best care for your patients.

Key Points:
  • Light-intensity physical activity, such as walking, is recommended for post-concussion recovery, while strict rest should be avoided.
  • Screen use should be limited within the first 48 hours following a concussion.
  • The guidelines were updated to include sport-specific prevention strategies, such as policy changes to reduce collisions in sports like hockey.
  • New tools like the Concussion Recognition Tool-6 (CRT6) and Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-6 (SCAT6) were introduced for early-stage evaluations.
  • Physicians responding to the article emphasized the importance of these guidelines in reducing recurrent concussion rates and improving overall management.

The guidelines also updated the definition of concussion, stating that work continues toward a unified conceptual and operational definition.

Additional Points:
  • Return-to-learn and return-to-sport strategies were updated to underscore the benefits of physical activity and aerobic exercise.
  • For symptoms persisting over 4 weeks, a multimodal clinical assessment using standardized symptom rating scales is recommended.
  • The statement acknowledged the need for dedicated research in various areas, including sex-based differences in concussion management and concussions in children aged 5 to 12.

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