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MDLinxNYC Gastroenterologist Assaulted and Filmed Multiple Unconscious Patients at Work

A disturbing case of assault and violation of trust.

In a deeply unsettling case, Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng, a gastroenterologist formerly employed at New York-Presbyterian Queens, has been arraigned on multiple charges, including rape, assault, and unlawful surveillance. The charges stem from a series of incidents in which Cheng allegedly drugged, assaulted, and filmed both hospital patients and other women. The case has raised serious questions about patient safety and the responsibility of medical institutions to protect those in their care.

Key Points:

  • Dr. Cheng faces charges including two counts of rape, two counts of assault, two counts of sexual abuse, and four counts of unlawful surveillance.
  • He was fired from New York-Presbyterian Queens in December 2022 and his medical license was suspended.
  • Cheng allegedly filmed the assaults, both at his home and in the workplace, with victims appearing unconscious.
  • A search warrant revealed Cheng’s home contained recreational and medical sedative drugs, including fentanyl, ketamine, cocaine, LSD, MDMA, propofol, and sevoflurane.
  • New York-Presbyterian Queens has expressed outrage at the crimes and is working to identify weaknesses in patient safety policies.

Additional Points:

  • One victim alleged that the hospital did not follow up with her complaint rigorously.
  • The American Medical Association (AMA) condemns sexual misconduct in medicine and emphasizes the importance of trust between physicians and patients.
  • Legal experts suggest that the hospital may also bear responsibility for Cheng’s actions.


  • The case against Dr. Cheng highlights a shocking betrayal of trust and raises significant concerns about patient safety, institutional responsibility, and the ethical standards of the medical profession.

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“Generally speaking, a facility would be held liable for the actions of their employee. The facilities should do a better job screening their employees and have policies that no one should be alone in a room with a patient. Keep doors open and always have an assistant present.”

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