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Review Education GroupOptic Nerve Disorders: How They Manifest and What They Mean (CE)

A crucial aspect of optometric treatment is knowing how to correctly recognize, diagnose, and treat these disorders. A COPE-approved 2-hour CE credit course.

In the intricate world of optometry, understanding optic nerve disorders is paramount. This CE program offers a deep dive into the various optic nerve disorders, their manifestations, and the latest management strategies. It provides an opportunity to enhance your diagnostic skills and patient care approach, equipping you with the knowledge to distinguish between various diagnoses effectively.

Key Points:

  • The CE program provides comprehensive knowledge on identifying, diagnosing, and managing optic nerve disorders.
  • It delves into congenital and hereditary optic nerve malformations, detailing their functional consequences and associated conditions.
  • The program discusses acquired optic nerve disorders, including glaucoma and non-glaucomatous optic nerve damage.
  • It offers an in-depth understanding of optic nerve anatomy and its functional capabilities.
  • The course highlights the clinical characteristics of glaucoma and its treatment strategies.
  • The program is specifically designed for optometrists engaged in retinal management of choroidal folds.
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to accurately identify optic nerve disorders, distinguish between various differential diagnoses, perform necessary diagnostic tests, and manage patients with optic nerve disorders.

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Did You Know?
The optic nerve, or cranial nerve II, is formed by the axons of approximately 1.2 million retinal ganglion cells. Its disorders often have devastating visual consequences and can be the result of congenital, hereditary, or acquired diseases.

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